A Cookie is a small data file stored on your computer. Bofink values ​​the integrity and trust of our users. Here we explain how we collect and use cookies and how we protect users' privacy in connection with this.

What is Cookies

Cookies are small files containing information sent from Bofinks or our partner's web server and stored on your device. There are different types of cookies, Session cookies that are temporary and deleted when you close your browser, Fixed cookies that are saved until they expire or you delete them. Bofink and our partners use both session and fixed cookies.

Purpose of cookies

In order to give you as a user the best experience, we use Cookies on the website. Bofink uses additional cookies from third parties to be able to produce statistics in order to improve our customers' experience.

Cookies settings

If for some reason you do not want to use Cookies, you can in most cases change the settings on the device to limit or completely disable the use of cookies. For example, you can turn off third-party cookies or delete all cookies when you close your browser. But keep in mind that such settings may mean that some features on most websites will not work. For more information, see or contact us at